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If you want to provide a healthy environment in your home or office, call Local Cleaners Romford today and let the professionals take care of all your cleaning needs. Full customer support, affordable rates and academy trained and certified cleaners are only a few of the things that you will get once you book Local Cleaners Romford. Along with that you get full access to all of our treatments, deposit free booking for weekend and bank holiday jobs, as well as:

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We also provide full insurance coverage for damage up to a pre-defined sum, giving you the flexibility and stability you need from your cleaners. Trust the technicians and let them help you with your curtain cleaning. Call us on 020 3746 8254 any time and get the best curtain cleaning service in Romford RM1.

Our Curtain Cleaning Service

We treat a wide variety of drapes and curtains, like: natural and synthetic, cotton, woolen, silk, satin, Kashmir, suede, velvet, acrylic, latex, etc.

How We Clean

Curtain Cleaning in  Steam cleaning in Romford - using a proportionate amount of water and detergent, we are able to remove stains and deeply embedded odours from the fibers of any kind of synthetic drapes, without having to take them down. Treating them as they are, we are able to extract massive amounts of filth and save time on taking them down and installing them back up once we are finished. This also reduces drying times and any wrinkling that might occur during these processes. To achieve the result we are known for, we use a special attachment that allows us to both gently grasp the curtain and remove filth from it at the same time. The nozzle blasts the fibers with a steam jet which passes through the fibers, then immediately draws it out using a strong vacuum, removing 95% of the moisture used to clean and the contaminants inside.

Dry cleaning in Romford - this is a treatment that focuses on the removal of stains and dirt deposits in natural fibers and materials, and can be successfully used to extract odours and prevent discoloration of drapes of natural origin. To clean them properly, however, we need to take them down. Once placed on a flat surface, we can apply the dry compound and, with the use of a fine brush, embed it into the fibers of the curtain. This absorbs any moisture that might be inside and attacks stains and dirt. By attaching itself to them, the dry compound allows us to draw them out more easily, as the dirt particles become heavier. After a 10 minute wait we remove everything using a vacuum machine and the curtain is ready to be hanged up again.

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For over 10 years, we’ve been working in the region, helping families and businesses with their curtain related problems. We use that experience to make our service better and deliver you the finest results possible, at a reasonable price. Get to know us and book today!

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