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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we use all natural detergents, based on ingredients that help allergy prone individuals cope better with allergic attacks. The cleaning agents we use have a high bio-degradability level meaning that they leave almost no trace behind, making them safe for more sensitive households.

A: We would prefer it if customers could provide us with a parking spot near to the location we are cleaning. We come well prepared and sometimes that means carrying heavy equipment.

A: Furniture that is in the way can be moved by the cleaners. However, to avoid damage on personal property, we advise that it be moved before we arrive. It saves us both time and the pain of moving furniture.

A: Yes, all of the teams carry a full, comprehensive insurance which can cover damage up to a certain sum. For more information on that contact us at 020 3746 8254.

A: Yes, we have available time slots during weekends and holidays, and we will not charge you extra for the cleaning.

A: We do not, you are not required nor will you be asked to deposit any amount of money before we clean. We work extra fee free and will charge you for the sum that has been quoted before you booked us.

A: Give us a call and express your concern, we will do our best to ensure such instances do not occur and give you a complimentary cleaning.

A: An average unassisted drying for a carpet is between 3-4 hours, however, if you are bound on faster drying, we can use our air movers and expedite the entire drying process down to 1 hour or even less.