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Do you want to have a better night’s sleep? The quality of your mattress is crucial for your daily rest. Consult with us and get a bed bug free home once and for all, done by a staff of Local Cleaners Romford professionals. The team of experts will help you get rid of all bacteria and refresh your mattress. Thus you can fully enjoy your time for rest. We have available booking slots for most hours of the day, weekends and even bank holidays, deposit and extra fee free for all customers. Become a part of our family and get:

  • Full mattress sanitization
  • Chemical free treatments
  • Emergency visits
  • Late evening and early morning appointments
  • Full insurance coverage

Check back with us every month and get exclusive access to deals and special offers that can save you up to 20% of your next mattress cleaning order. Call Local Cleaners Romford on 020 3746 8254 24/7 for information or booking advice, free of obligations or any fees.

Mattress Service Details

We can clean: latex, cotton, memory foam, orthopedic, spring mattress, anti-bacterial, regular mattresses.

Our Mattress Cleaning Techniques in Romford

U.V lights treatment in Romford - our main priority is the full removal of any bacterial formations found on your mattress’ surface and between the fibers. However, it should be done in a way that does not harm you or your family. We have made a stride towards eco-friendly methods and detergents. It’s our U.V lights that penetrate all layers of the mattress. The lights are harmful only to pests and have no negative effects on the mattress itself. Then we use a powerful vacuum, leaving your bed a safer place.

Mattress Cleaning in  Steam cleaning in Romford - this treatment can both act as an anti-fungal agent and as stain removal, all in one go. Our steam treatment has been streamlined and optimized to treat a mattress’ surface and depths without using too much water. We use a special attachment which focuses on the stain, cleans it in a second with vacuum, removing 95% of the moisture used during the cleaning process, leaving just a small bit to be dried with air, naturally. The heat produced during the cleaning kills off bacteria and fungal growths, removing smells and discolorations at the same time. It also enjoys success when treating bed bug and dust mite infested mattresses, though it is more likely for it to be used as a follow-up procedure to the U.V lights treatment. There is a small drying window, however, we are able to narrow it down to 2 hours using our air movers, ask about them when talking to one of our reps.

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Enjoy full mattress and pillow cleaning, done the safest way possible. It’s so safe that it’s even approved for use around infants and small children, giving you a choice and a well-needed flexibility when it comes to the well-being of your family.

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Schedule your mattress cleaning with a team in Romford today and receive the finest cleaning in the entire Romford area. Dial 020 3746 8254 for instant booking or submit a booking form to request a call back at any time. We have an instant live chat where you can also ask about our cleaning techniques as well as deals and offers.