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Reviewed by Devadas Tamboli on Mar 18, 2015

I’ve called Local Cleaners Romford before and each time their cleaning has been superb, however, it’s not as smooth as I’d hoped. Each time they either forget to bring something or are late which puts my day off. The only reason I am still using them is because of how well they clean. All in all things could be better and that is why I’m giving them a 3 star rating.


Reviewed by Sandy Bridges on Jan 22, 2015

For over 2 years I’ve been booking this same company and have never been left disappointed with their cleaning, their conduct of business or their prices. All of these things have been up to par ever since I first started calling them. Local Cleaners Romford have been a great help and are continuing to be so for 2 years later.


Reviewed by Devon Cavers on Dec 20, 2012

For the longest time I cleaned my home myself, it took time, I didn’t always do a good job and I was tired. Until I found these guys, they turned my life around, now I have the time to relax and still enjoy a spotless home, without having to stress out about cleaning it and maintain the couch or hard floor. I just pick up the phone and give Local Cleaners Romford a call and they know what to do. I’ve been booking them for 5 months now and have never been left disappointed. If you value your time and money, you’d get Local Cleaners Romford.


Reviewed by Susan Tanner on May 2, 2012

I first found out about this cleaning service through a friend, she was pretty amazed at how clean her entire home was once they were done. I wanted to try them out and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Their work is efficient, the customer support is pretty spot on and the cleaners they sent were very helpful. I would definitely hire them again, once I need their help, which should not be too long as I have 2 children and 1 dog at home.


Reviewed by Alex Harris on Jul 16, 2010

I hired them for a pre birthday cleaning and they were stellar – they came in, cleaned the stains from the carpet in the hallway, buffed the floors in the kitchen and finished with the couch in the living room, all under 2 hours. The best part is they charged me for the cleaning, not for the time it took them to clean. The results were pretty amazing and I am definitely hiring them again.

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