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Rug Cleaning in  You don’t want to deal with stains and bad odours on your precious rugs? Then don’t. Give Local Cleaners Romford a call and let the professionals deal with all of that, within a reasonable time frame and at a good price. Save time and effort and make an investment towards a healthier home. Give us a call today and get:

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Along with that you get 24/7 access to our customer hotline which you can get to use either online or by dialing 020 3746 8254, all for free and without any extra charge. Call today to receive your free quote and get information on upcoming deals and offers.

Services We Offer in Romford

We can clean: oriental, Persian, Kilim, satin, silk, cotton, Kashmir, wool, sisal, latex, acrylic, vinyl, woven, blends, synthetic materials and a lot more.

Our Rug Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning in Romford - in order to achieve balanced results and keep the ph of the carpets at a normal, danger free level, we use a strong but natural cleaning technique that draws dirt and grime with it, giving your filthy carpets a makeover, making them look like brand new again. The steam treatment involves water and heat, meaning that it is best used on synthetic and woolen materials that can withstand the heat without shirking like silk would. We begin the cleaning by treating the stain beforehand, making it a lot easier for the cleaners to remove with less stress for the fibers. Then we use a narrow nozzle attachment to inject the steam jet into the fibers, reaching deep into the filth covered insides of the rug. All of the gunk and junk is removed from the fibers with a strong vacuum machine along with 95% of the moisture used. We leave the rug to dry for 3-4 hours after which it is ready to be used.

Dry cleaning in Romford - or also known as dry compound cleaning is a procedure that uses a special dry compound mixture which attacks the stains but leaves the fibers untouched, giving you an alternative to harsher cleaning methods that might ruin natural fibers. This is why we mainly use dry cleaning to treat exotic and expensive rugs that, most of the time, are comprised of all natural fibers that require special care. For a proper cleaning we use a fine brush to еmbed the dry compound into the fibers. That helps it reach deep and bind with the stain and filth. It must be left to react with the particles for 10 minutes, after which it is safe to remove using vacuum. The rug is clean and requires no drying, making this treatment that much more convenient.

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