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Skillful Upholstery Cleaning in Romford RM1

If you don’t have the time to thoroughly clean your upholstery, give Local Cleaners Romford RM1 a call. We are experienced in dealing with all type of upholstered furniture - natural and synthetic fibers and even leather furniture. A team of skilled professionals will be right with you and you can have the upholstery on your furniture refreshed, deposit and extra fee free. You don’t need to sign any long term contracts. Just book our professional cleaning and let us take care of everything. Our long years of experience allow us to offer you spotless results every time. Once with us you will enjoy:

  • Evenly cleaned upholstery
  • Full fiber protection
  • Stain removal included in the price
  • Treatment of a wide range of upholstery
  • Comprehensive insurance

You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each call you place, along with a free quote and weekend/holiday cleaning availability, all at a reasonable price. Call our free hotline number at 020 3746 8254 and get information on upcoming deals and offers.

Our Cleaning Service in Romford

Our service can deal with a wide range of issues on an even wider range of upholstery types, including: leather, both natural and synthetic, sued, cotton, vinyl, acrylic, latex, silk, Kashmir, wool, woven, sisal and a lot more.

Upholstery Cleaning Techniques We Use

Leather upholstery treatment in Romford - as a natural material, leather can be very demanding and quite rewarding at the same time. It demands regular maintenance, but it will reward you with a supple, natural feeling material that both smells and feels nice. With time, however, leather loses some of its flexibility making it more rigid, and likely to dry out and start to flake. This is due to natural loss of oils found inside the leather, which we prevent by applying an all natural moisturizing agent. We apply it with a hand cloth which helps with the absorption of the agent as well as of any excess material. The leather is left to absorb as much as possible, then it is left to dry to achieve the best results. Once done it will be as supple and soft as it once was, with no chance of tearing or flaking due to leather dryness and overuse.

Upholstery Cleaning in  Steam cleaning in Romford - steam can reach to places where regular treatments cannot. Its lack of fluidity allows it to reach deep down into crevasses and creases that form naturally in the upholstery of a piece of furniture, for instance a couch. Using steam we are able to remove hairs, food leftovers, stains and odours from the material, using a minimal amount of moisture, leaving the upholstery to dry for a minimal amount of time. To achieve this, however, we use a carefully chosen detergent from a catalogue of over 50 special detergents, which focus on the removal of the particular stain, while keeping the fibers of the upholstery safe from harm.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Local Cleaners Romford is a dedicated team of professionals, who are at your disposal from early morning until late evenings, at a reasonable price with exclusive deals and offers each month which you can use to save time and money.

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Call us today on 020 3746 8254, get a date saved for you and enjoy your free time while the cleaners deal with any dirt, stains and grime, all in one go. Use the booking form and online chat to request a call back from our team or get more info on how to save money with Local Cleaners Romford.